Create Redux store for debugging

  • window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__(reducer, [preloadedState, config])

Note: This is not intended to replace Redux' createStore. Use this approach only when you want to inspect changes outside of Redux or when not using Redux inside your application.

  1. reducer (Function): A reducing function that returns the next state tree, given the current state tree and an action to handle.

  2. [preloadedState] (any): The initial state. You may optionally specify it to hydrate the state from the server in universal apps, or to restore a previously serialized user session. If you produced reducer with combineReducers, this must be a plain object with the same shape as the keys passed to it. Otherwise, you are free to pass anything that your reducer can understand.

  3. [config] (Object): options. See parameters for details.

See the example of usage and the post for more details.

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