Redux DevTools Extension FAQ

Table of Contents

How to get it work

How to disable it in production

Usually you don't have to. See the article for details on how to include it in production.

How to persist debug sessions across page reloads

Just click the Persist button or add ?debug_session=<session_name> to the url.

How to open DevTools programmatically;

Make sure to have it conditionally. Auto opening windows is a bad DX. See the API for details.

How to enable/disable errors notifying

Just find Redux DevTools on the extensions page (chrome://extensions/) and click the Options link to customize everything. The errors notifying is disabled by default. If enabled, it works only when the store enhancer is called (in order not to show notifications for any sites you visit). In case you want notifications for a non-redux app, init it explicitly by calling window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__.notifyErrors() (probably you'll check if window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__ exists before calling it).

How to get it work with WebWorkers, React Native, hybrid, desktop and server side apps

It is not possible to inject extension's script there and to communicate directly. To solve this, use Remote Redux DevTools. After including it inside the app, click Remote button for remote monitoring.

Keyboard shortcuts

To set/change the keyboard shortcuts, click "Keyboard shortcuts" button on the bottom of the extensions page (chrome://extensions/). By default only Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + E is available, which will open the extension popup (only when the Redux store is available in the current page).

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